Facts and Details: Sentences that help explain the main idea.

  • Facts and Details support and tell more about the most important idea in a paragraph.

  • Facts and Details help you understand the main idea more completely.

  • Facts and Details often tell about the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the main idea.

Assignment 1:

In order to understand the facts and details...

1. Choose three of the videos below to watch. Each video is a biography with facts and details about famous people

2. While watching the video, use a graphic organizer to help you identify the overall main idea and the important details that support and tell more.

Remember: You may pause and rewind as much as needed to get a full understanding of the biography.


Biography - Barack Obam

Biography - Oprah Winfrey

Biography - Michael Jordan

Biography - Will Smith

Biography - Brad Pitt

Biography - George W. Bush

Biography - Fidel Castro

Graphic Organizers